Jun. 30th, 2007

abetterlie: (Quirky by Ithica)
After decades of fights about the subject, Los Angeles now has a subway. What's more, one that has a station at the Universal Studios. Considering Kara's aversion to cars, Connor decides to use it, though he is aware this could also get him accused of being tight.

He bought the two tickets on advance, so maybe that would help, and a programm with the attractions. The studio ride, he thinks, maybe, and the Back To the Future rid, and the Jurassic Park one. There is a big question mark behind the Animals show, due to Kara's dislike for animals. But she has her frogs and the turtle now, so maybe she'd want to watch.

He'll get it right, this time. One day where she has actual fun and doesn't hate him. Well. Not during this day anyway.

Coming back to Los Angeles is odd, each time, because there is nearly no corner without memories, but the Universal Studios theme park is an exception. Mom and Dad and Mere never went, for some reason, or maybe they did and Cyvus Vail forgot to add that; he definitely didn't go in the other life. So. No memories. Time to create some new ones.


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