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Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

Seriously? Up until about two years ago, I figured I'd be dead.

*locked from everyone except Harry and Cordelia*

Except for the part where I have this suspicion Angel wouldn't let me stay dead; he'd find some other way of bringing me back, and more people would die or go crazy or both, and maybe I'd end up like one of the Wolfram and Hart zombies because sooner or later, all those resurrection magic is bound to backfire. I just don't trust it. And I still think that could be a likely option for my future, and you know why? Because. If Angel got dusted. I'd find some way to bring him back, too. Any way. Don't tell him that.


Now I have some less dramatic ideas. Going back to college at some point, really becoming an archaelogist because I enjoyed that, though I like the private eye job, too. But what I really, really hope I'll be doing in twenty years: being on my way to Mars. Because at that point, we should have at least limited space travel to the neighbourhood planet, and I just think being in space would be awesome. Plus I have the necessary physical condition and experience with other dimensions - no way Mars would be tougher than Qortoth. Watching the Earth from space, stepping on another planet. That's my wish for something to happen in twenty years.
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