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Good question. I mean, I've met and I know a couple of smart and downright brilliant people, but that's not the same thing.



Of course, as a child in Quortoth and a good while after I thought my father was wise. I didn't stop thinking that until I got my head around the concept of him killing himself - well, using Justine to do it - something he had always taught me was a mortal sin. Once I started accepting Angel had said the truth about that, I knew it had been my fault, because obviously my father couldn't trust me to do what he had raised me to, but I also knew he had not been the wise man I had believed him to be. He should have found a way rather than to return to hell without me. He should have.


So - I guess it was Lorne. When I met him - when I recall meeting him, he knew me as a baby, but I don't remember that - I pulled a knife on him. I'd say it was because I grew up in a hell dimension and didn't get called "The Destroyer" there because I was nice to demons, and he is, well, a demon, but the truth is, I was just freaked out and generally pissed off as hell after my first day Los Angeles. He sort of took that as a sign to leave town and wasn't around for the next three months when I was living with Fred and Gunn at the Hyperion, so I only really got to meet him once he was back from having a career in Las Vegas and living in the Hyperion again. No, we still didn't hit it off. I don't think it was because of the having tried to kill him thing - Cordy told me they all tried to kill each other at some point, pus apparantly Lorne can survive head removal, so he wouldn't have died if I had slit his throat, not that I'm saying what I did was okay because of that - but see, it had clued him into something everyone else missed: I wasn't the baby they had all loved, I wasn't whoever they imagined son-of-Angel would be, and he never expected me to be that again. He wasn't disappointed and horrified the way Fred and Gunn were once they found out about the under-the-sea-thing, and he didn't go into ultra-avoidance mode the way Wesley did; he just knew I was trouble, accepted that, was on his guard and otherwise was polite and never asked me to sing for him. (The last one is dislike of torture, I guess.)

The only person I've seen Lorne actively despise was Lilah (because of something she did to his brain); otherwise he was just relaxed with good guys, bad guys and just about everyone. He always knew what was going on between everyone, and I don't think that was being an empath deman as much as it was having figured people out and not judging them because of that (unless they tried to remove his brain). You know, not in a kind of lovey dovey "let's all be friends" kind of way - like I said, there were people he never stopped being wary of, me among them - just in a "that's what people are, so just chillax" kind of way. Plus he had a non-stop collection of nicknames for Angel which had all to do with food, and anyone who can do that really is the best. I think what I'm trying to say here is that Lorne was cool, he got people (of any species), it didn't make him a cynic, it just made him a realist who still enjoyed his life - it made him wise, in a word. I wish I had figured out how cool he was when we were still actually living in the same place and before I got mindwiped.

Also, I blame him for the Barbara Streisand lyrics I have in my head at times. No way that was Cyvus Vail.
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