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"A hunter has to be cunning," his father once said, and Stephen learned his lessons about snares and traps well. But his father never taught him to lie; there was no need, as the only two creatures in Quortoth that seemed to have speech were themselves. When Stephen did lie, blaming his demon blood for the impulse to do so, it was to his father, about and he always failed miserably.

The last time he failed happened in Los Angeles, about his encounter with Angelus, and his father saw through this as well. As a direct consequence, his father sent him back to Angelus and died.

"But what do you want to do?" Justine asked him, sounding both frustrated and surprised, when he told her he was not going to kill Angelus.

It was like entering a new world, all over again. Stephen was a miserable liar. Therefore, he had to stop being Stephen. He had to be the one who could think such thoughts, execute such plans, the one who could deceive with a smile, just as the Prince of Lies himself had done; the son of the demons. Not Stephen Holtz. Connor.

When he told her, Justine looked thoughtful, impressed and a bit frightened at the same time. The tears she had cried for his father were not yet dry on her face, but she did not waste time on gestures such as wiping them away.

"Could work," she said. "But if it doesn't, if he he figures it out ahead of time, then your father will never be avenged. It's really much simpler to stake him. Done and over with."

"I told you," Connor said coldly. "He gets to live. Forever."

She did not doubt him anymore. In his heart, he still was not sure whether he could do it. Whether Angelus, with the blood of his father still warming his veins, would not know him at once for the pathetic failure he was at this particular game. But no, that had been Stephen. He didn't get to be Stephen anymore. Stephen had caused his father's death, and so Stephen had to die.

The small voice of doubt refused to be silenced. It remained with him until he stood in the Hyperion and saw Angelus looking at him, dark deceiving eyes full of nervous joy. I amyour son, Connor thought, and suddenly didn't find it difficult to smile back at all.

The trap was laid.
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