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Dear Clint Eastwood,

first of alll, I wish you had gotten the Oscar for Letters of Iwo Jima. I mean, nothing against Scorsese, but The Departed was so not his best, plus it was a remake, whereas your film was one of the best ever.

Anyway, I'm a fan, both of the movies you directed and those you were playing in as an actor. I recently read that your next project is a film written by the guy who created Babylon 5, which is cool, but made me wonder: could you maybe postpone that and persuade Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to let you direct Indiana Jones IV? And maybe co-write the script? Because that's really urgent. Here's why you'd be ideal:

1) You would do it both as an action movie but also as a character piece, and you would have no problem coming up with a story that pays attention to the fact Harrison Ford is sixty or something and still make it cool and moving at the same time.

2) Dialogue! Don't let George anywhere near it. I think Harrison Ford would back you up on that one. You'd totally be able to stare Lucas & Spielberg down, too.

3) You wouldn't pull the kind of crap Steven Spielberg did in Temple of Doom when he replaced Marion with that blonde bimbo. I'm still mad about that one. Marion was cool and kicked butt and was so my imaginary girlfriend. In fact double imaginary.

4) You could make Harrison Ford act again. I think he stopped sometime after Mosquito Coast, which sucks because he can. Perhaps you should send him Unforgiven as inspiration?

Also, I have an idea for the artifact Indy could be after. It could be something that leads to the rebirth of an awesome blue-haired goddess in a leather suit. She could take over for the action sequences and you could let Harrison do the exposition and character stuff.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and best of luck with all your projects, no matter which ones you pick -


Connor Riley


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