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Connor only met Illyria once, briefly, and feels still somewhat embarassed about certain things said on the occasion, but that had happened two years ago, and he had not had his memories back at the time.

Talking to her on the internet had been fascinating and sad and comforting at thet same time. On occasion, she reminded him of Jasmine, and sometimes of himself, but mostly she was someone unique, and lost in a strange world. He wanted to help her; maybe on some level, he was also looking for someone to worship, but if so, he was not conscious of it.

He had given her the address of the Osborn penthouse and, more importantly, a description of the location. The staff had not exactly been told they were expecting a godking; Harry, to whom Connor had related everything about Illyria that he knew, had said to them she was a rock star, which as far as the treatment was concern would amount to the same thing.

After receiving the phone call, he considered the time for a car drive from Boston to New York and continued to work on his paper about Raymond Chandler and the creation of the noir personae. At least, that was the idea. Very soon, he started pacing.
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Okay, this last week was interesting in the not-Chinese-saying sense. First I got my powers back, and let's just not mention the part where Angel... anyway. (Fate bitchslapping me with irony is nothing new.) So I guess Cordy was right, it was just a matter of time. Plus major effort. (Being in Peter's debt is one thing, but now I owe Norman. Not good. Also humiliating. But it's such a relief, being back to normal. The other thing just - well, wasn't. Though I think I got better at the adjusting and didn't feel completley like an astronaut on another planet anymore. Still, it's way better not to walk around half blind and half deaf and so on, plus let's face it, it's great being able to fight again. And when Harry and I visit Ireland, I'll totally kick every leprauchan's ass if they try anything.

Secondly, Illyria announced her presence. When I had met her at Wolfram and Hart two years ago, I didn't have my memories back yet, so I just thought she was awesome, like a comic book figure come to life. (Also, I was so embarassed later when I did remember. And a bit mad at Angel, because hey, what did he mean, "they were supposed to fix that"? Fix what? Darla is how many centuries older than he is, and Buffy how many centuries younger?) Now she reminded me of Jasmine at first. Not so much once we got to talk, because they're quite different, except for the part where they come from another world and are sort of trapped in ours. And I just want to - I don't know. Do something right for a change, I guess. Harry asked me whether this was about me killing my daughter when I told him about Illyria, and maybe it is a little, but I know Illyria isn't Jasmine. I just think - well, I remember what it was like as well. Coming here, in this world, not knowing the rules or anyone except for really few people, and feeling trapped by it all. So maybe I can help, a little. And learn more about how gods think.

Thirdly, Kara had a spasm about Buffy and then she said she'd come to New York on "important business" and wanted to meet. So now I'm set to pick her up at La Guardia and wonder what the important business could be.

1) Darla and Angel told her I was fine and back to normal, and she finally wants that rematch where she beats me. Which, okay, is absolutely in the cards. She's got lots more practice since the last time, and she has way more motivation.

2) Those scratches from the dragon she defeated really were dangerous and infected and are not dealt with by Slayer healing, and she needs medical help. Except I think if that were the case Angel and Darla would have made her go into a hospital already. I hope.

3) Something I can't guess because each time I think I can figure out Kara, she brings up something like tea cups or cheescake (?!?) or burning buildings and I have no idea where that came from.

No time like the present to find out.


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