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ooc: given his current troubles, Connor isn't in a shape to answer this, and probably wouldn't write about it anyway, but the answer would be, caused by this request, the following ficlet, written in October:

The Clock Stops.
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I can't believe they told him. And I'm not sure why that's so - why that feels like a betrayal. I mean, neither of them can do magic, so it makes sense they'd need someone else's help. I should have thought of that. I don't know what I thought would happen. And yes, it could be worse - they could have involved Wolfram and Hart again, or Tucker Wells.

But it feels like this was something between us. And now it's not. Plus I wonder whom else they told. And I don't trust Todd Campbell anyway. Okay, he's helped out a couple of times, but that's just that - he had no reason to, except for his thing with Darla. And he and Angel have been enemies. So call me paranoid, but maybe that's his angle. Maybe he's like a human Wolfram and Hart and wants to trap Angel so he can have Darla for himself. (But how does that Piper chick figure in then?)

Anyway. Maybe I never should have asked them. Maybe I should have gone to Wolfram and Hart myself and asked directly. No, that would be stupid. Last time I did that, they wanted to dissect me.

I wish I could talk with Father or Justine about this, but they hate Angel's and Darla's guts anyway. Kara is already a member of the Darla fanclub and has just joined the Angel fan club, and Cordy - if I talked with Cordy, I'd have to tell her about Mom and Dad as well, and I just know what she'd say.

Sometimes I miss Quortoth. You always knew whom you could trust there. (Nobody, except Father.) And there were no secrets.

ETA: And now I find out they told Kara, too. Great. Just great.


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