Jan. 23rd, 2007

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Actually, I never thought I'd say a couple of things over the years, so I'll just get them all out of the way:

- sometimes trusting magic really pays off (and sometimes it screws things up even worse and gets your family killed, but right now, I've got to go with the former)

- "Angel is/was right." (No immediate reason, I just never thought I'd say this for most of my life, and I did a couple of times, because, well, he is/was.) (About some things.)

- "I miss....": insert Quortoth/Los Angeles/New York/Savannah here; I didn't exactly grow up attached to places, so this keeps surprising me, but sometimes I do (yes, even home sweet hell dimension, sort of, very sometimes, but it happens)

- "fighting isn't for me" (never expected to say it pre-mindwipe, said it post mindwipe and post memory recovery and meant it; the months afterwards were the longest time I consciously quit; I was wrong about that for a lot of reasons, but it does qualify as something I never thought I'd say and did mean anyway)

- "I wish I didn' have enhanced good hearing" (four words: Velvet Underground. On Repeat.)

- "Sorry about the tiles." (Don't ask.) (I am, though.)

- "Thank you" to a couple of people who weren't exactly the usual suspects (this started with Angel the second time we met; most recent additions to the list include Lindsey McDonald and some Arkansas cops)

- "Harry, your old girlfriend showed up with a child."... actually, there are still some things I don't think I'll say; I'm working on the phrasing and the timing, I guess


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